Loktak Development Authority (A Govt. of Manipur Undertaking):-

The Loktak Development Authority was first constituted by the Government of Manipur in July 1987 under the Societies Act XXI of 1860 under the aegis of the Department of Irrigation and Flood Control, Government of Manipur.

The Loktak Development Authority (LDA) is now a body constituted by the Government of Manipur under the act, ‘The Manipur Loktak Lake (Protection) Act, 2006 (Manipur Act 3 of 2006) notified in the Manipur Gazette, Imphal, the 5th April, 2006, to provide for administration, control, protection, improvement, conservation and development of the natural environment of the Loktak Lake and for matters connected with as incidental thereto. It now functions under the aegis of Department of Forest and Environment, Government of Manipur.


The authority, over the years, has grown to a professional lake management organisation through the experiences gained and a systematic process of capacity building at various levels to effectively respond to the challenges of managing Loktak Lake through integrated lake basin management practices. The organisational structure of LDA has become more multidisciplinary over the years. Establishment of Project Management Unit (PMU) in LDA has strengthened its project management and administration capacity.

The authority is also equipped with advanced equipment and machinery for both land and water management works needed for lake conservation and management.

Lake Monitoring Laboratory

The authority has set up a state of art Lake Monitoring Laboratory that monitors the health of Lake Ecosystem on the basis of a set of wide ranging parameters. A network of hydro-meteorological stations has also been set up to monitor the hydrological regime of the Manipur River Basin as a whole. Remote Sensing and GIS laboratory is also the hallmark of LDA as it has been spearheading monitoring of the wetland regime and the entire Manipur River basin especially the forest regime of such a large spatial dimension.


Restore and develop Loktak Lake resources and biodiversity for present and future generations through participatory processes, research and conservation activites.